Courage Gained through Dignity

Barbara has a very rare form of MD known as McCardles MD.   While Barbara is still able to walk with a cane or walker, she couldn’t clear the tub ledger to shower without help from her husband Kenny of 39 years.  With Kenny’s health problems amplifying the challenges, it was becoming hard on both of them and unsafe.  Additionally, their bathroom floor was uneven, making Barbara fearful of even going in the bathroom alone after a hard fall last year.

Since Barbara has served others her whole life, it was incredibly hard to ask for help with the bathroom renovation.  But they simply could not afford it after paying funeral costs for their 3 year-old grandson who they lost in a tragic accident.

Now that the bathroom renovation is complete, Barbara said she no longer fears the bathroom, and can get in and out of the shower with no assistance. She gushed with gratitude about the bathroom that has helped restore her dignity, overcome fears that started from not being able to take care of her own basic needs, and the generosity of people whom have never even met her. Barbara said “The floor and shower have been both mentally and physically therapeutic. I sat in the bathroom after it was done and just cried over the joy of this and the people who cared enough to make it happen. Thank you so very much MDFF Donors!”