Bathroom Provided by People Who Care

Bill and his adult daughter Christy, both have Myotonic MD. Debby, Bill’s wife and Christy’s mom, is the primary care giver for both of them and she works full-time outside of the home as the only income provider.

Debby keeps doing what she can, encountering physical challenges of her own to help her husband simply transfer from a recliner to a chair, and navigate their home. Bill’s mobility has declined so much that he has been limited to taking sponge bathes for over 3 years because he can not utilize the bathroom safely, even with assistance.

It was a generous and caring group in their community from area churches who offered help to the family. They planned a project to revamp the Bousman bathroom with wider doorways, a walk in shower and safety bars as part of the Serve Kokomo Weekend. After much coordination, volunteer hours and generous donations, the bathroom remodel was completed with some assistance from MDFF. Debby says “ the shower has been phenomenal for my daughter, and my husband can now shower again after taking sponge bathes for over 3 years!.” Debby says it’s lifted a physical and financial burden for her, and emotionally it has provided her husband dignity to take a real shower again. Thank you donors and Serve Kokomo for being a part of the Journey with this MD Family!