In Memory of Muffy Doyle

Muffy Doyle, a loving wife and mother to 7 kids, passed away on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. Tim, Muffy’s youngest son, reflects on Muffy as “the cutest person I’ve ever known.  I loved being around her and spending time with her.  She was the hardest worker I’ve ever met. She was tough, thoughtful, generous and absolutely one of a kind.  Everyone who ever met Muffy loved her. She cared about people and sacrificed everything for her kids, especially her sick kids…… her sacrifice for her kids was legendary – she was the best!”

Muffy did have 7 very special and unique kids. Muffy’s husband Jim was an athlete, something he passed on to many of his children including his son Tim. With such a large family, Muffy had her hands full raising children. The challenges of parenting often heighten in the teen years, before seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as your children grow into adults and become fully independent. While the Doyle family was full of love they were also plagued with sickness that altered the journey to full independence.

By their teen years, five of the children ended up diagnosed with diseases that would steal their mobility and change the course of their lives.

  • Three of them, Debby, Mack and Tim were all diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.
  • Jenny was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Jody was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy and Multiple Sclerosis.
  • Two of the Doyle children, Danny and Jamie, were completely healthy, but had to deal with guilt of being the only ones who were not impacted by debilitating genetic diseases.

The extensive degree of sickness in the Doyle family gave Muffy a lifelong role of providing care for her children in ways most moms don’t ever experience with their adult children. Nonetheless, all of the Doyle children did move out of the house and pursue family and careers. As an example of her continued service and devotion to her family, Jim and Muffy moved into their daughter Debby’s house to help raise their 2 granddaughters Erin and Katie. Jim and Muffy made many sacrifices, literally sleeping on the floor at night.

Tim Doyle says “Mom was the absolute jewel of my father’s life…… Married for over 51 yrs.” A memory Tim has when his father Jim passed away in 2006 was of his mom on her knees by his bed in the hospice room, holding his hand she said, “you gave our lives such joy and made my life complete and always put me first in your life and treated me with respect.”

Learning to have hope and faith in the journey of a family plagued with MD and MS is such a significant role in God’s story of Muffy and the Doyle family. Jim, Mack, and Muffy’s son-in-law Ahmed, all served on the MDFF (Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation) board for a number of years,.  Tim Doyle is currently serving his 4th year on the board as the President. The Doyle family has asked that donations be made to MDFF in honor of Muffy and her life of love and dedication to her family and overcoming the challenges of MD.