Madison Martinez: My mom has MD but, “Some things haven’t changed”

Madison Martinez’s mother has muscular dystrophy. Madison is very active in local fundraising activities for MD. She is 13 years old. Below, she shares what it is like growing up with a parent with MD:

Living with a parent who has muscular dystrophy is hard sometimes. It means you and your siblings have to do a lot more than an average child because your parent really can’t do it. It also means you can have a ton of fun too. You can play games with them while they are in their wheelchair. You can go to all these different events with them and meet other families like you. Then, you can be proud of them and yourself, when you finish the event and get your total raised!

My life was different before. We were able to get the house clean a lot faster when my mom was younger. Now it takes us a little longer, but that is okay. We get it done and that is what matters. Before, we could do a ton of things but now, we can’t do some of the things we used to. You can have fun even with a disability, though. Now, I get to hop on the back of her chair and ride, instead of walking. Now, I run beside her and she and I can race. It is like she is running with me. Before, we would play board games and we still play board games now, so some things haven’t changed.