Regaining Confidence and Independence

John was diagnosed with Myotonic MD at the age of 53 in 2012, and began to quickly lose his mobility.  After exhausting savings to purchase mobility equipment and aids, he and his wife were discouraged as they faced a costly expense to make a bathroom handicap accessible after several falls and fractures.  MDFF was able to work with a vendor to help the couple complete the remodel and provide John safety and mobility!

“Thank you is just not enough.   John  has regained so much independence with the walk in shower unit and toilet lift!  He has regained confidence and is once again comfortable to be alone in the bathroom again!  Not that I won’t always be there for him, but it has helped him so much physically and emotionally.  Until we are faced with these kinds of hurdles, we really don’t realize how much we take for granted.  Thank you so very much for your generosity!”