Freedom for JD

JD contacted MDFF in January when he was facing job loss and his wife Anita was looking for a new job. JD was diagnosed with FSHD at the age of 18, a form of MD that mostly affects that impacts the face, shoulder blades and upper arms the most. After nearly 20 years of hard work, he lost his job after falling into a display case.

As JDs muscles were weakening, Anita was already struggling to help him navigate the restroom at home, especially with her fibromyalgia. MDFF helped the Dudleys with the purchase of a toilet aid. This has been a huge blessing to both JD and Anita, especially at a time when JD was finding himself at home alone on a daily basis, financially strapped, and losing strength daily.

JD says “it has made a huge difference and given me an emotional feeling of independence and freedom.” Thank you MDFF donors!!