Uncommon Love Story Part II: Tim Doyle

In September, we shared stories of 16 different MD patients and/or caregivers and one of the most popular was the Uncommon Love Story about Becky Doyle. This is part II of that story, from Tim’s perspective.

Tim and Becky have been happily married for 15 years, but the start of their relationship is different depending on who you talk to. Tim says he first met Becky a year before her story started. Becky was co-leading a singles group at church, and Tim and his girlfriend attended. Tim said when he first turned and saw Becky, everything stopped…..literally. His power chair stopped working, and he thought “that’s the person I’m suppose to be with.”   He says he’s never had a moment like this, but decided to let the Lord lead them together if it was truly meant to be. He quit going to the group (since he already had a girlfriend) and just kept praying. One year later, Tim was no longer involved with anyone else and he went to a Valentines Day party at church where the 2 officially met. Becky had brought candies for people, but not one for him. She left briefly and came back with some candy for Tim, with another guys name scratched off. Tim says the rest is history.

They spent all their time together, often walking a prayer trail together and sitting and talking for hours on Sunday afternoon. Come September 5th, Tim proposed. He talked the pastor into asking Becky to come up to church and when she and the pastor started down the prayer trail to the spot she and Tim often sat to talk, she said “somebody is being romantic in our spot.” To her surprise, it was Tim dressed up in a suit, with wine, flowers and music playing. With tears in his eyes, he proposed.

When I asked Tim what makes Becky special, he said “she’s my best friend and I want to spend my time with her more than anyone else.” As Becky also noted in her story, Tim pointed out he wouldn’t describe her as someone who has a heart to serve everyone. He said “but she is a problem solver, and she loves me, and serves me. I don’t know why anyone would want to do that, but I am so thankful!” Tim said they spend so much time together because she takes him to and from work, and really anywhere he needs to go, and she spends 2 hours in the morning helping him get ready. All in addition to normal couple time at home in the evenings and weekends. Tim said “I spend more time with her than anyone else, and she’s my favorite person.”

When Tim tells Becky he loves her, she asks how much. He says “Like the Stars. I love you as much as the stars.” Those of you that know Tim Doyle know that he has many great traits. He is a faithful Christ follower, a determined businessman, a dedicated servant to his friends, family and MD community, and a fun loving friend. Now you know his secret….he’s also a romantic husband. May you love and be loved as well as Becky and Tim Doyle, and let that love overflow to all those you interact with.