A special thanks goes out to Tendercare for being a Title Sponsor again at our 2017 Bowling Extravaganza! Not only did they sponsor the event and have a team of bowlers come out, but Leslie Deitchman, President of Tendercare, was a sport and experienced the entire event from a wheelchair!

Since Leslie interacts with patients in wheelchairs, she thought she had a good idea of what it would be like to be reliant on one. To her surprise, it was much harder than she thought. We had the chair ready for her when she parked, and she didn’t get out of it until we wheeled her out to the car when it was over. It was a manual chair that she had to maneuver on her own and bowl from, and she said it was much more difficult to steer than expected.

Leslie had to rely on her husband Jim and others to help her with many things. She said Jim helped her get her food, but then sat her drink down where she couldn’t reach it or get her wheelchair over to it. Simple things took more planning and assistance. Sitting in a chair while others are standing posed its own issues. She felt like people were talking down to her and constantly had to be looking up. She said not only were her arms and shoulders hurting by the end of the day, but her neck was sore from looking up to people all day.

By the end of the day, Leslie reflected on her experience encouraging anyone who has the opportunity to do something like this should. Leslie said “I take care of lots of patients in wheelchairs. I will now sit down to talk to them at eye level. It was interesting and it really helped me relate to people in wheelchairs.”

Leslie who was working as an RN and Jim started Tendercare in 1994 after recognizing a need in the health care industry for quality home healthcare. As the President and Administrator, Leslie is very involved in every aspect of the operation of the business. She has 14 years experience in critical care areas, including adult and pediatric intensive care, open heart, coronary care, and emergency room nursing. Leslie had also worked part time doing skilled home care nursing visits prior to starting Tendercare. She realized that Indianapolis and the surrounding areas had an unfilled opportunity for an agency to provide better quality, service oriented home care.

Today, Tendercare provides personalized in-home care delivered by experienced, competent, and supportive nursing professionals, skilled therapists, and caring home health aides. They provide only the best in pediatric and adult home care, ensuring that every person is treated with the utmost respect so that they can live the best life possible.