One Family’s Capacity for Love: The Van Barens

To find evidence of a giving spirit and an enormous capacity for love, you need only to meet the Van Baren family. Dale and Gina are the proud parents of seven boys. Originally, they gave their lives, home, and hearts to be foster parents. Eventually, they were able to adopt two separate pairs of siblings and, most recently, another set of three siblings. As you can imagine, keeping these kids together, as families, is paramount to their well being.

All seven of the boys have special needs and the two youngest, Andrew and Ryan, have Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Andrew uses a manual wheelchair and is in the process of upgrading to a power chair. Ryan is currently able to walk but stairs and longer distances can be a challenge. Although MD is a relatively new road for Dale and Gina, they are taking great steps to give these boys everything they need to thrive and succeed.

The whole family is very active in their church and community. They love the outdoors and frequently visit parks. This family is truly an inspiration!