Joining a Fierce Family

Below, Ahmed Ismail, one of our board members and a member of the Doyle family, by marriage, shares his personal experience with muscular dystrophy:

Growing up, I had no idea what muscular dystrophy was all about. My knowledge didn’t go beyond Jerry Lewis and his telethon. My eyes were opened once I married into the Doyle family. It’s hard to put into words the hardship and struggle this family has endured. Four of seven kids were affected with limb girdle MD. This is the kind that strikes adolescents and teenagers.

Watching as the disease took three of the four was hard but, I can’t even begin to explain the courage and perseverance the entire family exhibited over the years. Even as the disease progressed, no one complained or gave up. They never let the disease stop them from enjoying life, getting married, or raising children. It’s awe inspiring how each of them faced the disease head on.

It’s that spirit that motivated me to join the board of MDFF. If I can, in my own small way, contribute to helping others with MD live a better life, then I feel I am honoring their legacy.