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If you have a passion for individuals with disabilities and would like to join us in helping persons with muscular dystrophy to have greater independence, Click here and fill out the following form and we will contact you within 48 hours.

You may also reach us by phone 317-615-9140.

There are many ways you can also help:

  • Join us at our events
  • Assist in developing our database
  • Sponsor your own event on behalf of MDFF:
    • Ideas include: Concerts, Pancake Breakfasts, Golf Outings, Dinners, Coupon Books, Car Washes, Candy Sales, Basketball Game, Stadium Cleanup, Casino Night, School Carnivals, Wine Auction, Bike Rally, Black Tie Gala, Art Auction, Garage Sale, School “out of uniform” day where students pay to be out of uniform and the proceeds go to MDFF!

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