In 2016, we implemented a 5-year plan to provide a wheelchair accessible van to a Muscular Dystrophy  family in need of reliable transportation.  In January, we will start our 5th year taking applications for these vans! The 2020 Van will be awarded in the Fall of 2020.

Contribute to the Van-A-Year through our Adaptive Equipment Program and all donations are tax deductible!

2019 Van-A-Year Recipient, Andrew Van Baren

2018 Van-A-Year Recipient, Jonah Jacobs

Jonah Jacobs is a fighter and so are his parents.   This family is determined to not let MD stop them, and they make it a priority to get Jonah out of the house daily to laugh, play and to appreciate the simple things we all take for granted.

The Jacobs remind each other all the time “everyday we are given a mountain – sometimes we have to go over it, sometimes under it, and sometimes we have to be crafty and get around it – but we will move the mountain today!”

This great family has moved many mountains, and now you can help them move another one by giving and helping Jonah and others  with critical equipment they need to live life to it’s fullest!

Check out more stories & videos about Jonah & his family:

2017 Van Recipient: Thomas Miller with his mom and pops.

Thomas and his family were featured in the global magazine online publication of Readers Digest story “10 Lives Changed Thanks to the Power of Generosity.”  Click here to see how MDFF donors have made a real difference in the lives of this great family!

Thomas Miller, an eager 21-year-old young man, aspired to go to college and start a career. He graduated from high school, but was not been able to start college because he did not have reliable transportation. His aunt Stephanie (mom) and uncle Al (pops) have raised him and worked hard to enable him to enjoy life and overcome the emotional challenges of experiencing decreasing mobility.

Stephanie Debow said “Without you (Sponsors, donors and Superior Van and Mobility) none of the hopes and dreams of Thomas Miller would be possible. I’m hugging everyone that has made this possible.”

The van is truly life changing for Thomas and is enabling him to visit his out of state brothers and sisters, who he had not seen in years.

2016 Van Recipient:  Aaron Hodge with his mom and sister.

The 1st Van winner, was Aaron Hodge and his family.  Aaron was 15 years-old when they received the van, and he has  Duchennes MD. Often, teens with illnesses that gradually get worse over time can start to feel cut off from friends and the rest of the world as they become more housebound. Losing the ability to do the things most people take for granted, like walking, have a significant impact on the quality of life and the stress load on parents and care givers.

Aaron and his family now have a reliable mode of transportation that allows Aaron to get out of the home and enjoy mobility.

“We are thankful beyond words”,  said Christina Hodge.  “Our old van was not even equipped to handle a wheelchair, we traveled only  when absolutely necessary as it was difficult for our teenage son Aaron to get in and out of the van and to sit comfortably.”

See Video about our 2016 family HERE.