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Your Help and Support Makes A Difference!


At age 26 and while working as a carpenter, I was diagnosed with a form of MD- Charcot Marie Tooth. My daughter also has been diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. MDFF paid for the installation of support rails in our home and a new support arm on the vehicle so that we may now transport my wheelchair instead of the scooter.
The additional freedom, independence and comfort is wonderful as I am able to get around much better in my wheelchair than the scooter. My daughter is able to help load my chair with much greater ease and we know the wheelchair is being safely transported.

Our home ramp a reality


“Words cannot express our appreciation for the MDFF in helping to make our home ramp a reality. The kids are so happy, and it has made a huge difference in the mobility and the independence of our family. Thank you for all you do to help the needs of the families affected by Muscular Dystrophy.”

Your Financial Support Means So Much!

As a single mother of 3 teens with Muscular Dystrophy atrophy, independence is important. MDFF made it possible for us to have an automatic door opener for the main entrance to our home, and each of the kids has an opener on their wheelchair.
My plate is full caring for my children. I enjoy seeing my children have greater independence, and it is one less responsibility for me. I remember the first day the school bus arrived after the door was installed. My daughter had such joy and excitement as she realized for the first time, she could get to the bus entirely on her own.